A Proud Moment

We are currently heading to Michigan for our annual summer trip!  The stress of packing is finally complete… my goodness, I get SO stressed out with that task.  Anyone else feel that way? It is pretty much a 2 day, non-stop, run around like a crazy woman, kind of task.  And, I only have ONE kid for whom I need to pack. Cheers to you mamas with multiple children!

We take this trip every summer for a number of reasons.  My parents live in Michigan, we have many friends who live in Michigan (some who we have known since Kindergarden), and my husband plays in a golf tournament there each summer.  It is a jam-packed, fun-filled two weeks!

I am currently sitting here on the airplane, my daughter to my right, and my husband to her right.  Thinking back to what it was like flying with a baby… my daughter was 10 months old the first time we flew.  I was a bundle of nerves, overprepared and anxious. I had read every trick in the book, packed as much as possible into that diaper bag, just waiting for a meltdown.  Of course, there were moments of stress, tears, and more stress, but overall, it wasn’t that bad.

However, I sit here now, watching my daughter and reflecting on how much she has grown, in such a short time.  Those baby days seem like yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time. Though, I wish we could hold on to these years just a little bit longer.  I really do! I know I am going to blink and she will be heading off to Kindergarden.

Ok, my sappy moment has passed! Ha!  It just amazes me what our children learn and how quickly they grow and change.  

I am telling you all of this because at this moment, I am so PROUD of who my daughter has become.  I am proud of myself as a mom, and I am proud of my husband as a dad.

We all really need to take more time to be proud.  The tantrums, attitudes, messes, and fits are all very consuming, making us forget the many amazing things we do as parents.  When you have a moment, sit back and watch your kids, really think about all they have accomplished AND all you have accomplished.  

Raising children is the HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life, but it honestly has been the most REWARDING.  

I am watching my daughter, sitting with her legs crossed, pink headphones on her head, watching Doc McStuffins on the TV screen in front of her.  She just took a moment to take her headphones off, and tell both of us she loved us. It truly is the little things that matter – the ones that happen so quickly, and the same ones we are just as quick to forget.  We must force ourselves to notice and remember them!

Our flight is about to start descending, and I would say this flight has been one of the most productive flights for me.  No, I didn’t finish a book, or get a lot of work done (besides sharing some of these moments with you), but I was able to reflect on my pride.  I was able to sit back and be grateful for the daughter I have and the love we share as a family.

No, every moment is not perfect!  Rewind 6 hours, to when I was frantically finishing up all that packing, with my daughter crying because we had just dropped off our dog with our friends for the next two weeks.  But, here we are… about to land in Michigan, all of that behind us. I am noticing us, just the three of us. My little family. And I am beyond proud of all we have accomplished and created.

Take a moment, today, tomorrow, this weekend, and be proud of who your children have become.  Then, be proud of what you have done as a parent. We all work hard at one of the hardest jobs out there, so be proud of all your hard work!

Erica XO

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