Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day is coming!  

If you are an Amazon Prime member, it is like Christmas in July! For two days, July 15 and July 16, you will find AMAZING deals on MANY products.  

As embarrassing as it might be, we are a family who uses Amazon Prime every week.  Sometimes, multiple times a week. I remember when I used to argue my husband about the hype of Amazon, not understanding why it was necessary.  What was I thinking?

Since having children, it truly has helped make life easier, so much easier.  Ordering pretty much EVERYTHING (including groceries) with a click of a button, packages arriving the same day or next day, and all done without leaving the house?  It is incredible!

If you aren’t a member, there is still time to join before the festivities begin.  Click here to sign up and try it free for 30 days!

Since I am super excited to start shopping on July 15, I decided I would share with you some of my most favorite Amazon purchases.


  1. Baby Brezza: It is like a Keurig for baby bottles – seriously!  I nursed my daughter until she was about 5 months old. So, once my frozen milk was gone, we made the switch to formula.  The Baby Brezza is truly life changing! You push a button (depending on number of ounces) and it makes a warm bottle in seconds, that’s it! This machine is easily one of my top recommended products, easily!
  2. 4moms MamaRoo Baby Swing: This swing comes with MANY different speed and motion settings, allowing you to adjust it to make your baby as happy as can be. (We all want happy babies!). You can also connect it through Bluetooth to play any music of your choice.
  3. Enfamil Formula Subscription Service: As I just mentioned, I stopped nursing after 5 months.  Formula is expensive and they go through it SO FAST! We discovered a subscription service, through Amazon, that delivered formula every month, and at a reduced rate.  It definitely simplified the process. If interested, click above and choose the subscription service on the right side of the page. (You can do this with most formula brands of your choice.)


  1. Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition: I recently wrote a post about kids and technology.  I mentioned the kids’ Amazon Kindle. Finally, a tech device where the material is appropriate!  Your child can read books, watch movies, play games, etc. They are reasonably priced and come with a built in case.  Another highly recommended product!
  2. Midola Kids Headphones: We bought these headphones for our daughter to use while traveling.  She can plug them into her iPad or any other sound system (ex: airplane TV), or connect through Bluetooth, to listen quietly and not disturb others around her.  She loved them the second she opened them!
  3. Step2 Art Center: Ok, so I can no longer find the art center we bought for our daughter on Amazon.  However, check this one out! Whoa! It is way cooler than the one we have. Our daughter LOVES art. She can paint, color, draw, play with playdoh, etc. at her art table.  They help keep all materials organized and in one place, which makes me a happy mama!
  4. Little Helper Kitchen Pod: In a past post about “Getting Your Kids in the Kitchen,” I discussed the Little Helper Kitchen Pod we purchased.  It allows our daughter to stand at counter level, and help prepare food with me. Much easier than me holding her, and much safer than her sitting on the counter.  It adjusts to different height levels to grow with your child!

Household Items:

  1. Amazon Fire TV Cube:  Another product I considered not necessary, and a waste of money.  Ok, eating my words! Yes, I tell Alexa to turn the TV off as I am corralling my toddler out of the house.  Or, tell her to tune to a particular channel as I finish cleaning up dinner in the kitchen. It allows us to have all entertainment venues in one place (think: Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.).
  2. Instant Pot: A HUGE time saver in the kitchen!  I really need to start using it more often, to be honest.  Meals taste like they have been cooking and simmering all day, when in reality, they were cooking for 20 minutes (or less!). Definitely a tool to help make kitchen life easier!
  3. Eero Home WiFi System: Yes, I know this system is pricey, but this is another one of our best Amazon purchases.  We were paying for the fastest internet speed from our provider, and still couldn’t get devices to work properly upstairs or across the house.  Our daughter’s monitor works through WiFi, so you can imagine my frustrations each night as the monitor constantly went in and out of service. We bought this WiFi system, and NEVER have a problem!  If you are having internet issues, I HIGHLY recommend the Eero.

These are just some of the MANY items we have purchased through Amazon.  I wanted to share some of our favorites! Hope you find something to help make life as a mama a little bit easier! 

Happy Shopping!



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