Teacher Gift Ideas for the End of the School Year

It is that time of year… the weather is warming up, the sun sets a bit later, and there is a buzz about the school year coming to an end.

The kids seem to have extra energy, but we seem to have NO energy! Now, let’s be real, when I was teaching, the end of the school year was WAY different than it is for me now. I mean, it really doesn’t affect me too much today. My daughter won’t be going to “school” twice a week for a couple months. That is about it on my end.

However, I know exactly what it is like for those teachers! And let me tell you, it is absolutely CRAZY! There are end of the year assessments, parties, graduations, celebrations, etc. So, make sure to cut them some extra slack these last couple weeks.

Obviously, teachers will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, and who knows, one day I may even go back! But right now, I’m on the other end. I am the parent, extremely thankful and grateful for what my daughter’s teachers do for her each and every day she attends school.

Ok, the end of the school year is here – what should we do to show teachers we appreciate EVERYTHING they have done? Well, here are some quick and easy ideas. I hope they give you inspiration to help make your kids’ teachers feel the appreciation!

A card with a heartfelt, handwritten message: So simple, so cheap, and so easy! Reading thoughtful words from a parent means A LOT! Let them know specific things they did to make your child feel special, write a couple memories, and thank them for all the things they have done to help your child succeed and grow this year! Done! (And I promise it will make your child’s teacher feel appreciated)

Flowers/Plant: Flowers are a great way to say thank you. They are pretty and brighten up anyone’s mood. However, if you want to take it a step further, buy a flowering plant. Flowers start to look miserable after a good five days in a vase, but a plant will continue to grow and blossom. Your child’s teacher will think about your child and your family each time they see that plant! (Seriously, he/she will!)

Chocolate/Snacks/Cookies/Etc.: Do you know your child’s teacher’s food preferences? If so, BUY THOSE! If you aren’t sure, chocolate is usually a pretty safe bet. Get some of the good stuff… Ghirardelli, Lindt, you know what I mean. If he/she prefers healthier options, think fruits, nuts, protein bars. Grab a basket in the dollar section at Target, fill it with goodies, and you are all set! (Everyone likes food right?)

Something to support his/her hobbies: This one might be a little more challenging, and it requires a little more thought. But, if you know some of your child’s teacher’s interests, buy gifts geared towards them. For example, if he/she likes reading, maybe a new book? If he/she likes traveling, maybe a new duffle bag? If he/she likes exercise, maybe a new water bottle? headband? yoga mat? You get the idea. These gifts show you took notice in the teacher’s likes and he/she will appreciate the extra thought!

Homemade gifts: This could be a baked good, a frame with a picture of your child and teacher, or a hand painted pot for that flowering plant. If you are crafty, this might be a chance for you to do something special to show your talents. If not, then stick with the other options. Ha!

Gift Cards: This is another super EASY gift, and who doesn’t love extra money? This allows you to spend whatever amount you choose, and allows your child’s teacher to treat themself to something special. It can be general, such as a VISA or Target gift card. Or, it can be more specific, again geared towards their interests and likes. Think… Starbucks, clothing stores, movie theatre, restaurants, etc.

You don’t have to be extravagant to show your appreciation. Keep it simple and from the heart! If you find yourself out of time or on tight a budget, a simple “thank you” works wonders! These are just some ideas… take them and run with it! Be creative, have fun, and don’t stress about it!

We would love to hear YOUR ideas! What great gift ideas do you have for your teachers? Leave a comment below.


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